Building for Growth

Building for Growth: the church building project

We are part way through an exciting £875,000 building project. This involves replacing the church hall with a new hall complex, and linking this to the church building, providing much better facilities.  This will expand the worship space by 50% and provide a flexible area for use as a café, and space for events and activities for the church and the community.

Why are we building?

  • The existing wooden hall had less than 3 years of useful life left
  • On many weeks our church is almost full.  We intend to continue to grow numbers and so need a bigger space
  • We longed for space and facilities to enhance our fellowship and service to the community
  • We want share the new hall complex with the village, to supplement the provisions of the Memorial hall next door, creating a resource which benefits the people of Eldwick

After several years of prayer, planning and consultation we launched the fundraising for our building project in September 2016.  A year later our building contractor started work on the site, and the new halls were handed over to us in May 2018. Work should start in September on the link between the hall and the church, and on refurbishing the original church building.  We hope to complete the project by the end of 2018. 

We are grateful to many people in our membership and across Eldwick who supported this project, financially and in practical ways.  Above all, we are immensely grateful to our generous God for his leading and provision for this work.

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